Sipping Stories with Tweedy on National Cocoa Day!

Sipping Stories with Tweedy on National Cocoa Day!

Hello Tweedy Fam!

Hope you're all wrapped up warm and snug as we dive into December – the month of twinkling lights, cosy sweaters, and, of course, a celebration that warms not just our hands but our hearts: National Cocoa Day on December 13th!

Imagine a world where cocoa wasn't a sweet indulgence but a sacred elixir, enjoyed by ancient civilizations. Fast forward through time, and we find ourselves in the heart of the Aztec empire, where cocoa beans were currency and a frothy, bitter beverage known as "xocolātl" was reserved for the elite. Talk about a luxurious sip!

Now, journey with me to the 17th century, where cocoa made its way to Europe. It underwent a sweet transformation, with sugar and milk joining the party, making it the comforting, velvety drink we adore today.


As December frost starts to paint the world white, let's bring it closer to home – The Yew Tree, Lyndhurst - our little haven here at Tweedy Clothing. Nestled in our store is a haven of warmth and aroma – our in-store cafe, where we serve the finest cocoa from the organic, single-origin farmers over at Kokoa Collection.

Single Origin Luxury Hot Chocolate | Premium Hot Chocolate

At The Yew Tree, we believe in not just crafting ethical and sustainable clothing but also curating experiences. The cocoa we serve is more than just a drink; it's a sip of history, a connection to the earth, and a moment of bliss in a cup.

Why do we recommend the cocoa from Kokoa Collection, you ask? Picture this – smooth, rich, and downright delicious. It's the cocoa that wraps you in a warm hug, making the chilly December days a tad more bearable.

Kokoa Collection starter pack offer from a BSA Member

They source the cocoa from farmers who share our core values – sustainability, fair trade, and a commitment to quality. Every sip is a nod to the hardworking hands that cultivate these beans, bringing you an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


As we march towards Christmas, let the aroma of our cocoa infuse your surroundings with joy and warmth. Gather your loved ones, put on your favourite Tweedy sweater, and take a moment to savour the season.

National Cocoa Day is not just a celebration; it's an invitation to slow down, embrace the present, and relish the simple pleasures. So, join us at The Yew Tree, or brew your cup of Kokoa Collection cocoa at home – either way, let's raise our mugs to the magic of December.

Here's to keeping cosy, savouring the season, and making memories, one cocoa sip at a time!

Warm wishes,


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