5 Things To Know Before Going Vegan

5 Things To Know Before Going Vegan

For World Vegan Day this year, we wanted to put together a little guide to help those considering going vegan! Veganism is becoming more and more common nowadays with many opting for plant-based foods.


What is Veganism?

Veganism is is a diet that contains only plant foods. Vegans abstain from eating any food s that came from an animal. This includes meat, dairy and eggs. 


  1. People will ask questions

Although veganism is becoming more common, you should still be prepared for people to ask questions. Why, how, what, when and maybe even where. 


Just remember that your reasons are yours. No one has to agree or understand them. 


2. Supplements?

B12 is the big one here. B12 is mainly derived from meat products so it is a good idea to invest in a supplement for this vitamin! 


You might also need an iron supplement. While you can still get enough iron on a vegan diet, it is more difficult. 


3. The “P” word

All of a sudden, protein is something that you will be asked about. Quite frequently too! A lot of people think that protein comes from meat products but you can get it from many other places. Tofu, lentils, beans and seeds, to name a few! 


4. You can transition slowly or go all in

This one is up to you. You can either jump in head first or dip your toes in. Changing your diet after years of eating meat and dairy products is a big change so if you need to take it slowly, go for it. 


5. Going to someones house for dinner

Is this off the cards forever if you go vegan? Not necessarily. Is it harder? Yes. 


This depends on who it is but a few good ideas to help make it easier:

  • Take a vegan dish

  • Suggest going out to eat instead


6. Is veganism boring?

Absolutely not!! Once you get into the hang of it, you can start improvising with your meals, adding spices and sauces, trying different flavours. Vegan meals can be bursting full of flavour and totally delicious. 

Some of our favourite recipes are:


Whether you are considering going fully vegan or just trying it out a few days a week, that is fantastic! Along with the environmental benefits, going vegan can also help you improve your diet by pushing you to learn about nutrition in more detail and vary your meals! 

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