The Tweedy Family

Hi! I’m Cacey, my partner Josh and I are the founders of Tweedy Clothing. In the past 8 years we’ve grown from doing markets in the back of a caravan, to opening our shop and vegan cafe, The Yew Tree, in Lyndhurst. You’ll usually find me at events and festivals while Josh takes care of our daughter Niyah and runs the shop, while making sure we’re fully stocked. The team has grown from just us two, to a team of 10 wonderful staff, plus Raj and his team in India. We regularly take trips over there to pick fabrics, create samples and hang out with Raj’s family. We are both passionate about travelling, sustainability and being vegan.

Meet Niyah

Our daughter Niyah did her first event at 6 weeks old and did 18 festivals before her first birthday! She loves music, dancing and staying up way past bedtime! Niyah is the inspiration for our children’s clothing and as she grows, so will this collection – watch this space!