The Tweedy Family

Hey everyone, I’m Cacey and this is Josh – we are the founders of Tweedy Clothing. We design your clothes, pick your fabrics, book and organise events to go to, get back to you when you have questions, send photos of stock to you and pretty much everything else you need to do to run a business. Although you probably see me (Cacey) more at events, Josh will be around, restocking, looking after Niyah or cooking for the team. Josh also does most of the set up and is the reason why our shops always look so beautiful! We are both passionate about the planet, vegan and enjoy travelling, yoga, fitness, and music – which is where our inspiration comes from! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us – we also love seeing you in our designs so feel free to send us photos. Hope you have a wonderful day xx

Meet Niyah

Hi everyone, this is baby Niyah. She did here first event at 6 weeks old and did 18 festivals before her first birthday! She loves music and dancing, staying up way past bedtime and drinking huge amounts of milk! She doesn’t stop moving and I think she is definitely going to be into free running (parkour) when she is older, as she loves to climb and jump on everything! Niyah is the inspiration for our children’s clothing and as she grows so will this collection – so watch this space x

Meet the Tweedy Family