Zero Waste Policy

Zero Waste

At Tweedy Clothing we take waste seriously! We believe in:


Because of this we can happily tell you that:

  1. We do not incinerate our unsold stock – instead, we keep stock levels low and order in small numbers on a regular basis. This means there is less unsold stock. We also ensure timeless designs, meaning we can continue to sell the same garment over several seasons, promoting slow fashion and reducing waste. If anything is left over, we sell it at events and online for reduced prices (when we do a sale bin at an event there is rarely anything left!)

  2. When you return an item (depending on the issue) we either fix it (if it needs fixing), and resell it at a reduced price, offer it to staff free of charge for uniform or take it back to the factory to be made into another item of clothing or accessory.

  3. All our offcuts are used to make other products. We try not to have any waste at all! We make headbands, bags (that we give away with products), face masks, gloves, and many other products with our leftovers. We also have some beautiful friends who make puppets, Squeaking Tribe Marionettes, that we are in discussions with about our tiny scraps of material. We are hoping they will soon be making their puppet clothing from this fabric! Watch this space!