About Josh Bland & Cacey Barks from Tweedy Clothing

About Josh Bland & Cacey Barks from Tweedy Clothing

I’ve never actually written blog post before so bear with me. 😊

I guess I’m writing for two reasons, one to keep you all updated on our new products, events and other wonderful Tweedy Clothing related stuff and two to discuss and share what its like being a vegan mum who (with Josh) has created a business from scratch and juggles life on the road with an ever growing force of nature (Niyah).

Most years we travel A LOT – we actually took Niyah to Australia at 6 months old ( I think this might be a whole other blog post) and within her first year of life she had been to more than 18 festivals and events! Josh and I actually met whilst we were both living in New Zealand, 8 years ago. Since then we have lived in Australia and the UK, spent months and months in India and also visited, the Philippines, Bali, Spain, France, Portugal, Singapore and South Africa. All this whilst creating a business and a family! So you can see we are both crazy but we hope in a beautiful way 😊 You should take a look at the “Our Story” section on our website and find out how the bird was born! It’s an interesting read or at least I think so!

In normal times (we are definitely not in normal times at the moment but again I think this is another blog post) we would spend from May to September on the road travelling from festival to festival in the UK, in our van, Heroshi-man. Life on the road is fun and filled with challenges, dirty toilets, crazy weather and now a one year old! I’m sure when we get back to festival life you will hear me tell a few tales about our #vanlife adventures.

So, what do I love apart from travel and work I hear you say? Well I LOVE fitness, food, and nature. I believe food is medicine and what you put in is what you get out! I try to exercise or do yoga every day and if I’ve not got time for a good session or don’t feel up to it, I at least go for a walk to see the ducks. I love everything green and have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. As a family we have been making a conscious effort to eat vegan since Niyah was born. She has a cows milk protein intolerance, which can transfer through breast milk, so it was goodbye to dairy and hello to nuts and seeds! I have loved the change and much to my surprise, not even missed cheese! I have to be honest, I’m not always healthy and I do have a huge weakness for chocolate brownies 😊 If you’ve seen me at an event at 3pm you will usually find me eating a brownie and drinking a cup of earl grey! Also, I have just found the vegan magnum – oh dear, far, far, too good, they are actually in my mums’ freezer so I can’t get to them! As a vegan family we love to cook, it’s an adventure of tastes and creativity, so expect some recipe sharing and food porn on here! I actually started baking during lockdown and made my first ever loaf of bread! I honestly surprised myself massively with that one! And I also made hot cross buns which were yummy!

Because we travel, love food and hate washing up (well at least I do, josh seems to be ok with it) we visit a lot and I mean A LOT of restaurants. Since being in lockdown I realised, I don’t think we ever cooked 3 meals a day at home! It’s nice to be spending more time eating things we have made and grown in our veggie garden, but I am missing being able to eat something in a restaurant! So, when we can get back out there I’m sure I will be sharing our trips out and offer advice on where to eat and where NOT to eat for a vegan. I also will let you know my favourite vegan products from time to time! I would love you to share yours as well.

So I guess if you would like to catch up on Tweedy News, find a yummy recipe, have a ten min meditation, 30 min workout or a general chat about the traveling life of a 30 something  vegan business mummy or family life, then come back and hang out with  me. I would love to hear your comments below and any advice you might have on starting a blog. 😊  

I will be posting once a week on a Tuesday to start with, but this might change as things go on! I will keep you posted.

Lots of love Cacey xx

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