Kirsty’s Guidance - August

Kirsty’s Guidance - August

Did you get a sure footing with July’s Capricorn Full Moon?

Enough to start all those plans your heart longs for with the New Moon in Leo? 

Don’t panic, August is set to bring an even greater opportunity to look at what we wish to harvest in time for September!

My name is Kirsty Dignam, I am a Soul Midwife by trade and can be found working at Tweedy clothing headquarters every Sunday. My role, when not helping out in the shop or offering Tweedy Taster’s is to help people deliver their potential, by reading the energy available (The flavour for August is below!). Be it relationships, health, work or purpose- by connecting people back to their own wisdom, through a variety of tools, from Tarot, Sound therapy, and crystal healing through to ceremonies and Shamanism, I facilitate change.

Which in this time of trippy uncertainty is the only true constant.


“Sturgeon” Full moon- 12th August 2:36 AM UK time- This month we are being gifted an opportunity to highlight lessons learnt, witness and put in place practical steps towards service for a greater vision.


In the Zodiac sign of Aquarius - Related to emotional freedom any aspects that restrict this will be brought to the surface emotionally- remember the moon governs water and we are two thirds fluid!  


Governing the calf’s, Achilles tendons, forearms, thyroid and hormones - Pay particular attention to how and where you stand, what you are carrying forward, your feelings about this and VOICE them!


Linked to the Strength and Star card in the Tarot - Both adding up to the number eight- the month of August- this full moon or rather SUPER full moon- being closer to us and all aspects affecting us- is also connected to the Fool and Star Card in it’s own right being in the star sign of Aquarius.


Leaving us (poignant choice of words) with an opportunity to look at what we are really wishing for, the endurances we have walked to achieve it and the recognition that in order to succeed we must now let go and move forward- if we want new we cannot see things through the old vision- here inner sight will be the guiding light- listen to the body it will tell you what it doesn’t like!  


To be in our element, recognising the forces within us in order to create what is needed to move forward.


To aid this on the 14th of August I will be offering the first of many Tweedy Tasters, “The elemental you”. A mini workshop looking at balancing our mind, emotions, desires and actions to bring about any shifts now needed after such expansive energy.


By the second week in August the energy will ramp up again as we realise it’s time to start “here-in” our own needs amongst the noise to restore harmony to our Soul’s- there are many ways to do this from grounding exercises, breath work, intuitive development and ceremonies.


Through to essential oils, good diet, sound- (which we will be exploring on the 21st of August by learning how to say “fork it” to life!) and of course the wonderful stone people

For the full moon I recommend -

Clary sage for intuition, rose oil to open the heart and frankincense to clear away any residual doubt.


I personally prefer Palo Santo as an all round herb being both masculine and feminine, this “holy wood” clears, transmutes and brings it more balanced vibrations to the environment.


Crystals to work with would include:

⭐️ Tigers eye and carnelian throughout the month of August- linked to the zodiac Leo, good fortune and utilising creativity.

These fire stones were often worn and carried by warriors to boost courage, reduce excessive ego (I’m a Leo, married to a Leo- so I can totally relate!) and provide balance of both pride and modesty. 

⭐️ Other considerations could be hematite to detoxify past emotions and re-gain confidence, vitality and strength.

⭐️ Labradorite to connect to the higher self, unite the water and fire energy left over from July and support the balance of passion and patience needed.

⭐️ Moonstone to obviously connect to the moon but also emotions intuition and calm the mind.

⭐️ Peridot to open the heart, aid the healing of emotional wounds, gain clarity whilst clearing the aura in preparation for fresh intentions on the new moon alongside a wonderful sound bath being offered on the day at Tweedy clothing HQ!!!

New moon 27th August 2022 08:16 UK time -

After the shuffle and shake up of the full moon we have two weeks to “get our ducks in a row” as the new moon brings a time of clarity and order, acceptance of imperfections and trust in the flow we have discovered.


In the zodiac sign of Virgo -

We will be shown any areas of obsessiveness, our own limits of practice, where we can expand and improve, what we now need to re-search within our own inner-tuition and how we are going to put in place the steps needed to harvest metaphorical seeds planted not only in June with the solstice but through awareness of being open to what we truly want with the full Moon in august!


(And breathe!)


Again it is here we must see time form a more Divine perspective and be open to it’s flow.


This may bring up many emotions that have been hidden, remember the new moon is linked more to our “shadow” unseen self and can affect our pancreas, intestines, digestion, eyes and ears as a result.


Connected to the Hermit card in the Tarot and the Moon -

We have seen what we want and the new moon asks what we are going to do about it. What practical steps we need to put in place, knowing that we can only give from where we are, if we want more, we must give more, to ourselves also.

 I recommend working with Peppermint for digestion, chamomile to aid a good nights sleep from all the potential overthinking and lavender oil for anxiety and stress alongside Patchouli to ground into our root chakra.


Crystals to best aid would include:

⭐️ Green jade to support our goals and gain a critical eye for detail.

⭐️ Moss agate to open the heart (Leo’s are nothing if not loving and loyal) and help promote the flow of giving and receiving.  

⭐️ Amethyst to see the bigger vision, soothe any stress in stepping into it, transform any resistance into acceptance and forgiveness (alongside rose quartz) and help align the spiritual logical conflict that may occur when being over analytical, a potential with both moon phases.

⭐️ Red jasper to ground in the present moment (only from here can we actually see all timelines and potential) to also help build strength and stamina, and citrine for much needed joy, to step into something different, lighten the load, melt the ego and act on the abundance available, “manifesting stone” in hand

Ultimately August, like any month, is an opportunity to step into our uniqueness, to support our own light to guide us forward and empower others to do the same. Connecting to this message, way way back in June, I recall shuffling the Tarot for what was then the daily guidance and now the overall theme for August!

Selecting from behind the Ace of cups randomly, the open heart now needed, I had tuned into the unknown image, without looking as I always do.

Something well worth considering over the next few days, weeks, months, years, the trust of be-in with what is in front of us without assumption or need to figure it out.

As I did so, asking what crystals to include in this blog for the future energy I saw a golden jewellery spacer on my grass, along with tigers eye, citrine, carnelian and labradorite next to a seed and knew all the information we ever need is always right in front of us.

We just need to be look-in!

Turning over the two of Pentacles I received “where would you like to see yourself by the end of August”

With that in mind I will leave you with a wonderful quote by the late great Albert Einstein

“We can not expect different results through the same actions”

(Or as our dear Lara would say “do something your future self would thank you for!”)

It is time to start shifting our frequency and clearing through anything that is no longer needed, if you are unsure how or need a little encouragement to push, feel free to book a reading with me in store; 2a Albert Road, Southsea.

Until next time

In deepest munay (love)

Kirsty x

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