Tweedy's Tips on Spreading Smiles on World Smile Day & Do Something Nice Day

Tweedy's Tips on Spreading Smiles on World Smile Day & Do Something Nice Day

Hello Tweedy Fam!

It's that time of the year again when we all have an extra reason to spread joy and happiness. October 5th is just around the corner, and guess what? It's not just any ordinary day; it's World Smile Day and Do Something Nice Day! 🌞😊

Let me take you on a journey into the history of these heartwarming days and share some wonderful ideas on how you can make someone's day brighter.

World Smile Day: The Heartwarming Origins

World Smile Day was initiated by Harvey Ball, the creator of the iconic smiley face. Back in 1963, Harvey designed the smiley face to boost morale among employees of an insurance company. His simple yet powerful symbol has since become a universal sign of happiness.

In 1999, Harvey Ball declared the first Friday of October as World Smile Day. He wanted to dedicate a day to encouraging acts of kindness and making people smile all around the world.

Harvey Ball - Wikipedia

Do Something Nice Day: The Spirit of Giving

Do Something Nice Day, on the other hand, encourages us to perform random acts of kindness and make the world a better place. It's about going the extra mile to show compassion and empathy to those around us.

Now, let's get to the fun part—how we can celebrate these heartwarming days as part of the Tweedy community!

Spread Smiles with Tweedy: Ideas for World Smile Day

  1. Share a Compliment: Give someone a sincere compliment. Whether it's a friend, colleague, or a stranger, your kind words can brighten their day.

  2. Write a Handwritten Note: In this digital age, a handwritten note goes a long way. Send a note of appreciation or encouragement to someone you care about.

  3. Support a Cause: Shop with a purpose! For every purchase made on World Smile Day, we at Tweedy will donate a portion to a charity that makes the world a happier place.

Do Something Nice: Tweedy's Suggestions

  1. Donate Clothes: Clean out your wardrobe and donate gently used clothing to a local charity. Your old favorites could become someone else's treasures.

  2. Pay it Forward: The next time you're in line for a coffee or a meal, consider paying for the person behind you. It's a small gesture with a big impact.

  3. Volunteer Your Time: Offer your time and skills to a local community organization. Your efforts can help create positive change.

  4. Smile at Strangers: A simple smile can brighten anyone's day. As you go about your day, share your smiles freely.

Remember, kindness is a language we can all understand, and it costs nothing to be nice. Let's make October 5th a day filled with warmth and positivity. Share your stories of kindness on social media using the hashtag #TweedySmiles, and let's inspire others to join in!

As we celebrate World Smile Day and Do Something Nice Day, know that your support for Tweedy's ethical and sustainable clothing is already spreading smiles in the world. Your choice of eco-friendly fashion makes a difference, and together, we're making the world a happier, more beautiful place.

Until next time, my dear friends! Keep smiling, keep being kind, and keep spreading the Tweedy love.

With Love


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