Vegan 101: All You Need To Know

Vegan 101: All You Need To Know

Between the team behind Tweedy Clothing, we have put together a list of our resources for all things vegan. From recipes and fashion to Instagram accounts and beauty products!

It can be hard to try and source all of this information yourself as there is sooooo much out there. So we wanted to put it all together in one quick and easy blog post, in the hope that it might help you this Veganuary and beyond!

Here is a collection of our go-tos for the main things:

Vegan recipes:

There are so many unbelievable vegan recipes out there. After a little while, it is fun to start experimenting yourself. You will learn more about the different food groups and what goes well with what and then you can start improvising but until you feel confident doing that, here are some places that you can find awesome recipes:

BBC GOOD FOOD: Vegan Recipes (we love the Vegan Chilli)
THE HAPPY PEAR (the Whole Food Vegan Burger is a must!!)
DELICIOUSLY ELLA (try the Cashew Pesto Pasta)
GIMME SOME OVEN (the Cashew Tofu is one of our fave recipes ever!)


Eating out as a vegan:

Veganism has come a long way over the past few years. More and more places now cater to a plant-based lifestyle and because of that, it is actually very rare that we have come across a place that has absolutely no options. 

Its always a good idea to try and pre-plan and check the menu before you go because even if there are options, there usually aren’t as many. However, lots of vegan-specific places are popping up all over the World and all you have to do is search vegan and your location and you can see what’s near you! 

A few of our local favourites:

Cafe Thrive Southampton
Hunter Gatherer Southsea
Wildthyme Wholefoods Southsea
Offbeet Southampton
Dumpling Dumpling Isle of White (not fully vegan but their vegan dumplings rock!)

Vegan Accounts on Instagram:

A few accounts that we love following on Instagram for tips, tricks, general uplifting positivity and fantastic veganism awareness.




Vegan Shopping:

These are some stores (online and in-person) that we love shopping at for vegan products. They range from food, beauty, clothing and everything in between. 

The Beehive - Indie department store

The Vegan Kind Supermarket - Plant-based shopping online 

Vegan Store -  Was the UK’s first independent retailer of vegan products online

Planet Organic -  A great store for finding all the animal and cruelty-free items under one roof


Vegan Fashion:

A lot of high-street stores are starting to add vegan-friendly options into their fashion line but here are a few smaller fashion brands that we like to support (obvs we are one!!)

Tweedy Clothing: We are a sustainable and ethical company that is working on becoming 100% vegan. Currently, our recycled silk range is the only part that is not vegan. However, the silk we use is recycled and would otherwise be completely disregarded. So, for now, we feel this outweighs the need to be completely vegan. 

Vegan Bracelets: Handmade vegan bracelets and gifts

Viva La Vegan: Eco ethical apparel

Reborn Rewild: Eco alternative hemp bags and accessories. 


Vegan Beauty:

When it comes to beauty, this can be one of those areas you maybe don’t think about at first. Then, over time you will start considering your make-up, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap and all the other  products you use but perhaps don’t question if they are vegan (especially if you are new to veganism)

The Body Shop: They offer a large range of vegan beauty products.

Tropic: Vegan and cruelty-free skincare, make-up and hair care.

A great account to follow on IG for lots of vegan beauty info and to help make vegan beauty simple:


Vegan Treats:

People just assume that if you are vegan you are super duper healthy. But we still eat sweets. We still love treats. And so, here are a couple of treats you should definitely try if you have a sweet tooth like us!

Rainbow Sweets and Treats

Candy Kittens

Other Vegan Things:

Vegannection - The Worlds first vegan payment card (with benefits). A prepaid payment card to be used exclusively in 100% vegan establishments to support the vegan movement. You get cashback, 0.5% goes to a vegan cause of your choice and there are no monthly or transaction fees!

Vegan Events - Festivals around the UK promoting veganism (you can also find us at these events so make sure you follow us on IG to see which ones we are at so you can come say hi!) - A great website with lots of info to help make veganism easy

Vegan Camp Out - The world's largest vegan camping festival with talks, music, afterparties, activism, yoga, fitness and family activities! Fingers crossed it can go ahead this year!


Going vegan can seem scary at first, but there are so many places, people and resources out there that you can find anything you need in the click of a button! We hope this post has helped you and if you have any other questions about going vegan or just about anything at all, pop a comment down below or send us a message!

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