What Is Meditation and Why You Should Try It

What Is Meditation and Why You Should Try It

Written by Jade Bolton - Tweedy Clothing Ambassador

People often say you should meditate but rarely give you a reason why! I have recently become a meditation teacher and noticed that so many people are still unsure about meditation. They’re either worried what others are going to think, that they might need to start or change religions or they don’t really know what to expect. If this is you then I’m here to give you an understanding of what meditation is and how it can help you in your everyday life. 


What is meditation? 

The word meditate (dhyai) is a Sanskrit word which means to consider and contemplate. When you meditate, you go deep within yourself, focusing your mind on your breath to produce calmness and a state of deep relaxation. Once you’ve started to calm your mind and observe your own thoughts without judgement, your mind, body and spirit becomes more in sync. 


Why meditate? 

Meditation is a skill which you can build upon with every class or daily practise you undertake. It will enhance your life and you will begin to learn more and more about yourself with every meditation, as you go deeper into your practise. When you start to meditate you will realise that your levels of stress and anxiety will be reduced, you will have less physical pain, your sleep will improve and you will feel overall, more relaxed and calmer. 


Body scan / check-in:

A body scan or check-in is a mindfulness exercise you can do in the mornings when you wake up, or if you’re feeling stressed or anxious during the day. It’s a scan to bring awareness and notice any physical sensations or any thoughts or emotions that are present in your body. A body scan focuses on three main things, your body, your mind and your heart/emotions.  During the scan, bring attention to your body, noticing different sensations, as you mentally scan down from head to toes. 


With everything that has been happening this year you deserve to give back to yourself and spend time on you and your mindfulness. 

Here is a short meditation for you to try;


Sit comfortably….and gently close your eyes…

Take a few deep breaths….connecting with the breaths….

Breathe down to your toes….letting go of any tension…..

Release any tension in your face, jaw and neck…..shoulders, arms, back and legs….

Be aware of your body, noticing any sensations…..

Observe any aches or pains with no judgement…..

Bring attention to your mind…..to any thoughts or feelings you may notice with no judgement…..

Does your mind feel busy or still, is it in the present, the past or in the future….

Now bring your attention to your heart centre, put your hand in the middle of your chest…..

Connect with your heart….feel the warmth of your love fill your body….

Stay here a moment…..(20 seconds)

Now focus back on your breath…..and gently come back into the room 

If you would like comfortable and appropriate clothing to wear during your meditation then I can highly recommend the yoga pants and top! They’re super comfy and come in a selection of great colours.


If you would like to try a meditation class yourself, I am currently offering online classes on a Monday and Thursday evening, please book here. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.


Written by Jade Bolton - Tweedy Clothing Ambassador

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