Tweedy Clothing is an independent fashion label that is focused on sustainable and ethical fashion. We believe in fashion with a conscience. After all, knowing that your clothing is made by skilled adult workers who are paid fairly in great conditions and also made from beautiful earth conscious fabrics will help you wear your garms with pride and make feel great inside and out! We love our planet, it inspires our awesome designs and we want to share that passion with you! We also give up to 5% of all sales to various charities that help support our ethos - for more info on this please click here . Grab an item of Tweedy Clothing Today and Join Us (The Tweedy Family) in our fight against fast fashion its environmental impact!

At Tweedy Clothing we realise that everyone in the chain must be paid fairly in order to have a happy, healthy lifestyle. At Tweedy Clothing we have taken a vow to pay ALL UK staff the UK living wage, regardless of age. During events, our staff and volunteers are given free event tickets, food, travel costs (where they cannot travel with us) and suitable accommodation. Josh & I want everyone who is part of the Tweedy Family to love coming to work and love being part of the crew.

For more info on the UK Living wage please visit

Ambassador Programme

Our Ambassador Programme

We are looking for people to be ambassadors for Tweedy Clothing. If you love our products and share our ambition for a cleaner, green fashion future we want to hear from you! We are looking for people from across the globe to help to spread the Tweedy word and spark the fire for the Tweedy revolution. We need you to share and promote us on your social media platforms, giving honest reviews on our products and enabling the wider population to see real people wearing our clothing in real life situations. #chillinginmytweedy

What is in it for you?

In return for a minimum of 2 posts per month (ideally we would like 1 per week but we understand people are busy) on Instagram, Facebook and other applicable social media channels, we will be giving you 10 Tweedy Tickets (1 ticket = £1) to be used, every 3 months. That is a total of £40 of Tweedy Tickets for the year! A one off 30% discount voucher to be used in the first 3 months of your application. 10 Tweedy Tickets to start you on your journey. Your very own 10 % discount code that you can use unlimitedly and you can share with others – This discount code will give you in Tweedy Tickets every time someone uses it, so you can add more to your wardrobe for less cost to you!

Does that sound like something you would like to do?

If it is a YES read on!

What we want from you

We want people who are happy to share our products, discuss or brand and its ethos with others and generally spread the word and help to grow our brand. We will need you to be a great role model for our brand, following an ethical lifestyle or at least trying to, as we know no-one is perfect all the time, including us :-) We need you to be social media savvy and active on several social media platforms. Also if your a blogger thats an added bonus!

Unfortunately, even though we love you all, not everyone will be able to be an ambassador. We will be looking for people who are regular social media posters, truly share our views, love our products, and can reach a good amount of people. Please only apply if you truly feel you can help us grow our brand with authenticity. We want this to work for both you and us, so if we don’t pick you straight away please don’t feel unloved. We can only have a set number of ambassadors at any one time, we will put you on the list until a space comes up!

The important stuff

We will expect a minimum of 2 posts per month (but ideally, we would love one per week) from each ambassador, on either Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platform. We would like you to reach as many people as possible with these posts.

It is important the posts are creative and spread our message of a cleaner, greener planet and how important family fun times are – to help with ideas we have a few headers for you zero waste, growing your own veg, meditation, walk in the countryside, chilling in my tweedy, shop local, vegan clothing, yummy mummy, yoga, crystal healing, sunset, workout, festival fun, travelling and van life.

The posts must show and promote you wearing our product and encourage people to like and follow us on our social media.

As an ambassador you can leave the program at any time – once you decide to leave you will have until the end of the month to use up your remaining credit.

At the start of the program we will give you a discount code for 30% off all products – this is for joining our Tweedy Family. You can use this anytime within your first 3 months as an ambassador. You will also be given 10 tweedy tickets to start you on your journey.

Ambassadors will receive 10 Tweedy Tickets after every Quarter (3-month period) if they have produced the minimum 6 posts (2 per month) and they are of decent quality and follow the guidelines. Ambassadors must use the tickets within that consecutive Quarter . It will not be rolled over.

Quarter 1 runs from July 1st 2020 to Oct 1st 2020 - 10 Tickets received 1st Oct
Plus promo code Extras To be used in Quarter 2

Quarter 2 runs from Oct 1st 2020 to Jan 1st 2021 - 10 Tickets received 1st Jan
Plus promo code Extras - To be used in Quarter 3

Quarter 3 runs from Jan 1st 2021 to April 1st 2021 - 10 Tickets received 1st April
Plus promo code Extras - To be used in Quarter 4

Quarter 4 runs from April 1st 2021 to July 1st 2021 - 10 Tickets received 1st July
Plus promo code Extras - To be used in Quarter 1 (2021)

Ambassadors will also receive their own 10 % discount promo code which they can promote, they will receive a further 1 Tweedy ticket for every sale under £40 and 2 Tweedy tickets for those over £40 that are made using their promo code! The Tickets will be added to the total Tweedy tickets (promo code extras) and must be used within the specified quarter. It will not be rolled over.

Further to this, ambassadors will always be given 10% discount on all purchases, just use your own code at the checkout – you will also earn your Tweedy Tickets on each sale to use later!

As Tweedy clothing, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the program at any time if we feel they are not conducting themselves within the manner we would wish for our brand. We can do this without notice. We also reserve the right to take back any Tweedy Tokens that may have been earned if an ambassador acts outside out the terms of the agreement. We do not need to provide a reason.

To Apply

Please send us a short and snappy cover letter answering the following 3 questions

1. What you can bring to the role of brand ambassador

2. Why you want to be a brand ambassador for Tweedy Clothing

3. What social media experience you have and how active you are currently.

Please also clearly explain what Tweedy Clothing you own. Why you have chosen the products you have chosen and why you love those products and our brand!

Please send the above with links to any social media platforms you are currently active on to with “Brand Ambassador” in the subject line.