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Boxing Glove Mala

Boxing Glove Mala

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Made Your way! This Beautiful authentic 108 bead healing gemstone mala with stainless steel boxing Gloves pendant can come in 16 different gemstone and natural wood combinations .

Choose your gemstone and wood colour using the buttons above.


  • 108 bead authentic Marla

  • Healing Gemstone and Wood Combination

  • Other Pendants are available just message for details

  • Comes Gift wrapped in sustainable packaging

  • Comes with Gemstone meaning card

  • CAN COME IN DIFFERENT LENGTHS IF NEEDED please message for details


What is a Mala?

Mala beads aren’t just a fashion trend. They have a significantly deeper meaning found within the 108 beads and one that showcases the beauty that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Authentic mala bead necklaces are made with 108 beads, some today may have double that amount or half or a variation of the number, such as 18 or 27, which is ok too since they’re still in sync with the significance of 108.

There are many reasons why 108 is significant from mathmatics to acient scriptures. Here are a few ideas but please look into this further as its really interesting how many cultures hold this number in significant regard.

108 reveals sacred texts that are central to yoga, If you were to look into the history of yoga and eastern philosophy, you’d see that there are 108 chapters of the Rig Veda, 109 primary Tantras, and 108 Upanishads. All of these texts are written in Sanskrit which is a language made up of 54 letters for both the Shiva (masculine) and feminine (Shakti) form. Times 54 by two, and you get 108. It’s ancient history.

 108 mala beads were used in Buddhism and Hinduism for meditation Traditionally, mala beads were known as prayer beads, which were used to meditate and repeat a mantra. With every mala bead touched, one would repeat the mantra until all 108 beads are done. This was believed to channel intentions, goals, and aspirations, and is still commonly used for the same thing today.

The number 108 is often seen well through astronomy. The sun’s diameter is approximately 108 times the size of the earth and the average distance from earth to the sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun. The average distance from earth to the moon is approximately 108 times the moon's diameter.

interesting stuff!


Gemstone Meanings


Turquoise - BLUE / Throat Chakra - Increases energy and reduces stress. Enables better communication and knowledge of what you actually want.

Rose Quartz - PINK / Heart Chakra - Offers greater self love and infinite peace. Increases confidence and self acceptance

Amethyst - PURPLE / Crown Chakra - Helps to reduce anxiety and brings calmness to the wearer. Helps with insomnia and emotional stress.

Obsidian - BLACK / Root Chakra - The protection stone. It helps to reflect negative energy and offers support in times of sorrow and grief

Labradorite - GREY/BLUE - The stone of transformation and magic. Helps to create change for good and increase enthusiasm for life

Moonstone - WHITE/BLUE - The lucky love stone, It increases intuition and connects you to your destiny. It offers hope and creativity

Tigers eye - BROWN / Scaral Chakra -Focuses your attentions on today, grounding you to the present and removes worry about the future or the past.

Chakra - MULTI COLOURED / All Chakra - Full Energy restoration. Helps to unblock energy flow and create better balance in the body

Hematite - METAL GREY / Root Chakra - Reflects negative energy and eliminates it from the body. Helps with pain relief and keeps you grounded.

Coral - RED / Root Chakra - Representing the planet mars the stone offers protection but also boosts efforts, bringing prosperity

Lapis Lazuli - NAVY BLUE / Third Eye Chakra - Enables better communication of your inner truth, connects you to your correct path and aids meditation

Jasper - BROWN - The warrior stone, gives courage, strength justice and power to wearer

Green Aventurine - GREEN / Heart Chakra - The Luckiest stone around, it brings abundance and luck. It opens the heart and helps to increase happiness

Citrene - YELLOW / Solar Plexus Chakra - Just like a Hot Chocolate on a cold winters day it warms you from the inside out and brings joy and happiness

Carninelian - Orange / Sacral Chakra - The Cleanser, This stone energises your system giving you courage and confidence. It increases life force

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