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Carnelian - The Cleanser Stone

Carnelian - The Cleanser Stone

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The Cleanser Stone!

This crystal energises your system and fills you with confidence and courage. It removes doubt and despair and reminds you of your unique strengths. Reminds you to never undervalue yourself or accept second best treatment. Brings abundance in every way to home and family. Aids decision making and all forms of buying and selling. Defines and strengthens identity, so that the true self can shine without fear of judgement.

Body: Warms and cleanses the blood and kidneys. Stimulates a healthy appetite and increases physical energy. Relieves addictions, especially those related to food and low self esteem. Relieves arthritis in men. 

Every gemstone purchase will receive a Tweedy eco bag to keep all your gemstones safe and will include a handy info card containing a descriptive card and how to recharge the stones

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